Design Process Management in Product Development

When developing a digital product, regardless of which team you are involved in, you will see that when you manage your workflow process in the right way, the results will be higher quality and less tiring. In this article, I will convey how we built up our design process and how we manage it.

To-Do Stage

Once the Product team comes up with the next batch of features, the Product Manager and the Lead Designer works on creating mockups and setting up requirements. Once that is done, they create the detailed task on JIRA and put it in the “To do” stage in the sprint.

In-Progress Stage

Looking at that task’s initial mockup and requirements, the Lead Designer drags this task to “In Progress” and starts their work by creating the concept design and building alternatives until deciding on a single version to present. Once this is ready to be presented to the Product Manager, the Lead Designer uploads the designs to Zeplin, shares the link on the task and drags the task to “Ready to test”.

Ready to Test Stage

Once the task is in “Ready to Test”, the Product Manager and Lead Designer goes through the entire Zeplin and creates all the feedback. 🚨 We keep all the feedback in Zeplin to streamline the process. The Product Manager and the Lead Designer works together until all feedback is resolved and the product is ready for the handoff. The Product Manager approves the task as a whole.

Ready to Release Stage

Product Designer