Formingle Case Study

Location-based discussion platform that allows users to pin topic to anywhere and join discussions.

Batuhan Karasakal
2 min readDec 9, 2019

Formingle — is one of my latest freelance works that will live in Norway, Sweden, Finland in a few months. The customer wanted to mix the 2 biggest features from different social product types in one application.

Regarding the potential market that Formingle aiming, I tried to create trendy design language related to these countries.

Once the customer came to me, there were too many unorganized thoughts and the customer also wants to solve & think about these thoughts with me. We scheduled too many meetings and rid some of the features, add some of them, etc.


We worked with Melek Ozturk on branding and illustrations. She is very talented designer on illustration and branding so we created design language together.

When we decided on the overall styles of branding like logo, colors, the general line of branding, we started to write scenarios for illustration screens. We chose the biggest and most important features and wrote scenarios for these screens.

During that time we did a lot of meeting with the customer and discussed our designs. They are wanted to be more minimal. And here is the latest version of branding:

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