Goodsted Case Study

A digital platform for furthering social and environmental development, where individuals and organizations can share skills and other resources with leaders of impactful projects.

Batuhan Karasakal
3 min readDec 9, 2019

Goodsted — is one of the latest customers that I gave remotely consulting. Their HQ in London, England so that’s why I worked with them for 4 months remotely. When I joined Goodsted, they were preparing for the beta process.

We did a lot of meeting & testing with our potential users, regarding results improved our product. I also worked on the UI side of things. Their developers were also in the Izmir, Turkey so we had a chance to work together.

The Challenge

The large marketing site needed intensive information re-architecture and content strategy, including defining target audience personas and user stories; feature examination, regrouping and redefinition; and revised page-level content strategy across the site. After re-engineering their entire sitemap and renaming existing features for user-friendliness, we crafted better stories through content flow, page structure, and copywriting.

From content strategy to wireframes to page design, retaining the fluid simplicity of the product in visuals was key. The lighthearted new brand system encouraged creative flourishes in UX/UI design, like gentle parallax and concentric line-work that mimics a rippling effect.

Design Test Interviews

There aren’t any analytics results for now. But as I mentioned before we tested our designs with a lot of end-user related to our user personas.

I am using Usabilityhub ( for my design tests. I created different test types for each user profile, like “Five Second Test” for Supporters, “Navigation Test” for Opportunity Owners, “A/B Preference Test” for potential end-users that visiting our marketing pages.

Here is the screenshot from the dashboard of Usabilityhub.

Let’s Chat

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